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Touch and the benefits of Infant Massage
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Infant Massage, Baby Massage Touch
Pregnancy,Childbirth and Postnatal Experience
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Infant Massage, Baby Massage Touch

Touch and the benefits of Infant Massage

“Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant: food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins” – Dr Frederick Leboyer
Touch is the first sense that a baby develops in utero and it is used instinctively from when they are born into the world. It is part of them and it is the best way for them to learn about themselves, the world and their place in it, through the messages they receive through their skin. It can range from a natural reflex like rooting for their fist or feeling and smelling for their food source (for example the nipple of a breast or teat of a bottle) to grabbing whatever they can reach out to.
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